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K7 انٹییوائرس پریمیم- 1 صارف، 1 سال (ڈیجیٹل)
ہمارے اسٹاک میں 11 لائسنس (ے) ہیں

باقاعدہ قیمت روپے. 699.00 روپے. 299.00 فروخت

K7 Antivirus Premium- 1 User, 1 Year (Digital) - ( Antivirus Programs )

برانڈ: K7

رنگ: White & Blue


  • Total device control; Enhanced scan engine; Zero-day threat blocking
  • Vulnerability scanner; Drive-by-download blocking; Smart firewall; Virtual keyboard
  • The received product may be of a slightly different packaging, but is the same product
  • آپریٹنگ سسٹم: مائیکروسافٹ Windows XP SP3(32 bit)/ Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7 / Windows 8 and 8.1 / Windows 10
  • ہارڈ ویئر پلیٹ فارم: Windows
  • For any queries, please contact on +91-44-6101-4555,Toll Free Support: 1800·419·0077
  • This product has the latest version of software and is version free

فارمیٹ: ڈیجیٹل لائسنس

: پلیٹ فارم Windows 10

پبلیشر: K7

تفصیلات: Home devices are most vulnerable to attacks from the bad guys. Home users are unaware that a simple download of their favorite song can trigger an inflow of abuse. Malware replicates, feeds on network bandwidth and causes systems to malfunction, in some cases bring it to a complete halt. K7 Anti-Virus premium monitors for bad data and blocks network based attacks. Additionally, prevents the auto run of downloaded data and cleans up all traces of infection from bad downloads.

EAN: 8904098602356

پیکیج سائز: 6.7 انچ X 5.9 X 0.2

زبانیں: انگریزی

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