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میکافی کل تحفظ- 1 صارف، 1 سال (ڈیجیٹل)
میکافی کل تحفظ- 1 صارف، 1 سال (ڈیجیٹل)
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McAfee Total Protection- 1 User, 1 Year (Digital) - ( Antivirus Programs )

برانڈ: McAfee


  • After ordering, for activation code and download link, check 'Buyer/Seller messages' under Message Center at "amazon.in/msg" or check your Amazon regd. email ID. Fulfillment will be done within 6 hours of ordering
  • یہ سافٹ ویئر صرف آئی پی آئی کے پتے کے ساتھ آلات پر کام کرتا ہے. استعمال کرنے میں آسان، خود کار طریقے سے پتہ چلا اور وائرس، Trojans، میلویئر کو ہٹا دیتا ہے. اپنے آلہ کو محفوظ طریقے سے وائرس حملوں کے خلاف محفوظ، محفوظ رکھتا ہے
  • Real time Anti Malware - Blocks/Prevents threats and issues like viruses, malware, Trojans, ransomware and spyware; It has an adaptive Two-Way Firewall- which safeguards your system
  • E-mails will be sent only to e-mail ID registered on Amazon.in; If you have not registered your e-mail ID, please do so before purchasing this product. This code only works in India IP address devices
  • Please go to McAfee.com/activate and enter your activation code, click submit and register and download this product, install
  • ترسیل پر کیش دستیاب نہیں ہے اور یہ آئٹم ناقابل واپسی نہیں ہے

فارمیٹ: لائسنس

: پلیٹ فارم Windows 10

پبلیشر: McAfee


McAfee Total Protection is the next gen security for your computer that detects and blocks viruses and malware. It deploys real-time protection from all the latest threats for millions of users. It is a one-stop solution providing virus protection, parental controls, a spam filter, and the perfect ability to secure sensitive files. Two-way firewall system gives you added layers of heavy-duty protection. The quick clean feature deletes unnecessary cookies and temporary internet files. It automatically sends alerts on missed updates or insecure Wi-Fi networks. It also checks applications and drivers for valid digital signatures.

1. McAfee’s round the clock active protection gives added layers of protection from virus, Trojans and malware.

2. It keeps your pc secure and protects against malicious virus attack.

3. This is a complete solution providing virus protection, parental controls, a spam filter, and the ability to secure sensitive files.

4. McAfee Quick Clean deletes unnecessary cookies and temporary files.

5. McAfee Shredder destroys sensitive files securely.

6. Two-way firewall monitors traffic on your PC while SiteAdvisor identifies potentially risky URLs.

7. Provides a password manager to manage all the pesky passwords in once place.

8. Free support by chat, phone or online*

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