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ہاسسن کی نسل 3 (ڈیلکس ایڈیشن)
ہمارے اسٹاک میں 10 لائسنس (ے) ہیں

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باقاعدہ قیمت روپے. 21.29 روپے. 2,023.95 فروخت

Assassin's Creed 3 (Deluxe Edition) - ( PC Video Games )

The American Colonies, 1775: A brave young warrior fights to save his homeland. But what begins as a struggle over territory turns into an extraordinary journey that will transform him into a Master Assassin one that will forever change the destiny of a newborn nation.You are Connor, warrior son of a Native American mother and British father. As the colonies draw closer to revolution, you will dedicate your life to the freedom of your clan, becoming the spark that ignites the revolution into a full blaze. Your crusade will lead you through blood-soaked battlefields and crowded city streets, to the perilous wilderness and beyond. You will not only witness historyu2026you will make it.Experience the hidden truth behind one of historys most influential wars: the American Revolution. Unleash lethal new skills and weapons, and experience a stunningly realistic world created by Anvil Next, a new engine that redefines gaming. Welcome to an entirely new chapter in the Assassins unforgettable saga!*Assassins Creed III Deluxe Edition for PC includes:*Assassins Creed III full gameAssassins Creed III Season PassThe Assassins Creed III Season Pass provides access to all five downloadable content packs for Assassins Creed III. - Explore an alternate reality with The Tyranny of King Washington, an all-new single player story that lets you experience an alternate history, spanning over 5 hours of gameplay. Indulge in more multiplayer mayhem with new maps and characters. - Single Player Mission Benedict Arnold- Experience the betrayal that made the name Benedict Arnold synonymous with turncoat for hundreds of years to come with 60 minutes of additional gameplay.- Digital Edition of Georges Washingtons Diary- Discover the true story of the Assassins and the Templars during the American Revolution Downloadable version of Assassins Creed III Original Soundtrack

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