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مائیکروسافٹ آفس پروفیشنل پلس 2016 1PC لائفائم گلوبل - کثیر زبان
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فوری ڈیل ...مائیکروسافٹ کی ...Multilanguage کیسرکاری ویب ...سافٹ وئیر دنیا بھر

باقاعدہ قیمت روپے. 13,963.99 فروخت

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2016 1PC Lifetime Global - Multi-language - ( Microsoft Office (Official Website - Online Activation) )

Full, installed versions of Outlook, Publisher, Access, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. Office Professional 2016 helps you create, present, communicate, and publish professional-looking documents with time-saving features, a new modern look, and built-in collaboration tools. Save your work in the cloud on OneDrive and access it from anywhere.

لفظ 2016

ریاستی آرٹ ایڈیٹنگ، جائزہ لینے، اور اشتراک کرنے کے اوزار کے ساتھ پیشہ ورانہ تلاش دستاویزات بنائیں اور شریک کریں. نیا ڈیزائن ٹیب خصوصیات تک فوری رسائی فراہم کرتا ہے، اور سمارٹ لیوپ کو براہ راست ورڈ کے اندر اندر ویب سے متعلقہ متعلقہ معلومات فراہم کرتا ہے.

ایکسل 2016

Analyze and visualize your data in a new and intuitive way. Excel 2016 is equipt with a fresh user interface while maintaining popular keyboard shortcuts. Leverage features like Analysis Toolpak, Slicers, and Formula Builder, to save time and focus on insights.

آؤٹ لک 2016

Organize and Communicate Stay connected and productive with a clear, unified view of your email, calendar, contacts, and files. Go beyond the basic email to get more done.

رسائی 2016

Analyse your Data Store, query, and visualize your data with Microsoft Access as part of Office 2016 Professional. Access can connect to multiple databases, includes customizable templates and gives you an all-encompassing data developing environment.

Publisher 2016

Create and share professional quality layouts with the latest design and editing tools from Microsoft Publisher. Swap out content, add effects and easily share your finished projects all in one complete application.

پاورپوائنٹ 2016

Create, collaborate, and effectively present your ideas with new slide transitions and an improved Animations task pane. Threaded comments alongside your slides help you incorporate feedback into your presentations.

OneNote 2016

It's your very own digital notebook, so you can keep notes, ideas, web pages, photos, even audio and video all in one place. Whether you're at home, in the office, or on the move, you can take it all with you wherever you go while sharing and collaborating with others.
سسٹم کی طلب

آپریٹنگ سسٹم: Windows 7، 8، 8.1، 10
RAM requirements: Recommended: 4 GB
Hard drive space requirements: Minimum: 6 GB

فاسٹ کسٹمر سپورٹ
فوری ای میل کی ترسیل
HTTPS کے ساتھ محفوظ ادائیگی

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